HTML emails showing up as blank with .htm attachment

For many of my clients, this problem has been a nightmare.
Hours upon hours of frustrating troubleshooting and searching forums for answers. Hopefully this article will provide a solution for you.


User sending mail via Mac Mail – recipient is a Microsoft Outlook client on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. You should not be experiencing this issue using Outlook on a Mac.

Outlook on Mac presents correctly:

Outlook on Windows PC presents incorrectly:

Screenshot 2015-12-12 08.23.02

Or if you are using Outlook 2016:

The easiest way to sort this out is to load a small addin, Universal Mailer, to Mail for Mac. You download it from this site:

Make sure that you use the correct version for you OS X and follow the installation guide:

Screenshot 2015-12-12 09.06.10

If you are using any of the new OS X versions, you may have to do the following:

Click on Settings on you dock or the  in top left hand corner and select system preferences. See the settings below:

In addition, check the following settings in Mail once it is installed to ensure constant fonts in your emails. In my case I have chosen Calibri 14. Also click on the >> to open the setting for Universal Mailer and make sure the font is the same as the one you have chosen. Also uncheck  the option “Use points instead of pixels for outgoing font size”




The Windows version of Outlook should now display your email and attachments correctly.
Please consider donating to the Author of this plugin if it has solved your problem. With your support, he will be able to continue with his efforts.


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