Windows 10 – Internet not connecting – error your adaptor does not have a valid IP address

Windows 10 causing headaches cutting users from the Internet.
This normally presents as your laptop or PC being able to connect to your router but shows an exclamation mark on the WIFI fan. When you trouble shoot, it returns that your adaptor does not have a valid IP address.  I have spent hours at clients in the past few weeks trying to help them solve this issue. Just today, at one of my clients, I managed to trick the system into connecting to the Internet and tried to see if there were any issues regarding this problem on the Microsoft support site. As soon as I went to the support site, I was faced wth the following statement on their website

“If you are experiencing issues connecting to the internet we recommend you start your PC by going to Start, clicking the Power button, then choosing Restart (not Shutdown).”

This worked!
I hope this helps solve the issue. If not give me a call.


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