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Invoice2go – data export

Frustrated with Invoice2go? As a small service oriented Company, I started using Invoice2go just under a year ago to generate professional looking invoices, estimates and statements. Invoice2go was reasonable for the first year, despite the unreliable web interface, but that is another story… In May, I decided to take a...
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USB 3 Flash Drives – Don’t get caught

I am often posed with questions about the new USB 3 flash drives. Mostly why they are not performing to specification. has an interesting article that helps answer all your questions about where you need to invest your money for good performance on popular flash drives. Happy data transfer!!...
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Cryptolocker Victims? This may help you!

Update: As of 1 June 2015, it appears as if the authors of the Cryptolocker virus have made some changes to the virus and recent submissions of infected files to site have not identified the virus infection. This means that there is little free help out there for this...
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Special on Mac Memory

2x2GB  (total – 4GB) 8500 Mac Memory, 1066 MHz C7 DDR3 SO-DIMM for Apple iMac, MacBook Pro –  $55-00 — Limited Quantity. 1x2GB (total – 2GB) 1333 MHz C7 DDR3 SO-DIMM for Apple iMac, MacBook Pro –  $29-00 — Limited Quantity. 1x2GB (total – 2GB) 8500 Mac Memory, 1066 MHz...
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Slow Outlook 2013 :( Fixed :)

If you are pulling your hair out waiting for Outlook to load after upgrading to Outlook 2013, follow these steps: Affects Systems with Apple iTunes or Apple utilities loaded on their Windows based system Here is a simple solution if you are not using the utility from Apple – mobile...
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