Soon you will need myGovID to access selected government online services.

The Australian Tax Office warns ATO’s Business Portal users.
“Set up your myGovID as the deadline approaches for AUSkey retiring in March.”

27 March 2020.
The ATO and 26 other government agencies will retire AUSkey. This means anyone who uses the ATO’s Business Portal or a range of other government online services will need to set up and use myGovID.

Auskey already stopped working?
Some businesses are reporting that AUSkey has already stopped working on their devices. With the call centre already inundated with calls for help, switch over now, the sooner the better. Make sure that you get your BAS in on time to avoid penalties and frustration.

The myGovID app is available to download to your smart device.
The app uses security features in your device such as fingerprint, face recognition or password to help keep your information secure. This is to protect your identity and help stop other people from accessing your information. Once the app is set up, the business owner will need to link their myGovID to their business using Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) and authorise employee access.

Getting started:
Step 1: Set up your myGovID. Download the myGovID app from the App Store or Google Play and use your Australian identity documents to enrol.
Step 2: Log in to RAM using your myGovID and link your business. Before you link your business, check your details on the Australian Business Register are up to date so RAM can use the correct information.
Step 3 (optional): Authorise your employees and others in RAM to act on behalf of your business online. They will receive an email to accept the authorisation request using their myGovID.

Are you battling to set up Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) or myGovID?
Give me a call to set up an appointment, we have staff that can help.

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