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Frustrated with Invoice2go?
As a small service oriented Company, I started using Invoice2go just under a year ago to generate professional looking invoices, estimates and statements. Invoice2go was reasonable for the first year, despite the unreliable web interface, but that is another story… In May, I decided to take a break and needed to let my customers know that I would be away for a few days. So I tried to use Invoice2go to bulk email them to let them know. Could I find a way to use Invoice2go to do this? NOT easily! My frustration led me to figure out that there were a lot more issues that needed to be addressed to make the popular Invoice2go product a real contender in this lucrative market place. Follow my pain – Firstly, I looked at sending a bulk email; result – can’t do from Invoice2go. Second option – export my customers contact data into a bulk mailing program. After a futile search on the Invoice2go help website and in desperation, I contacted Invoice2go support who had the following advice: There is no export facility in cloud2go (Invoice2go web app), thank you for your understanding!!. So at this point we have no way of accessing our master records, not even a report to list customers details. Thought: If you are unable to export your data from Invoice2go does this lock you in? As a software professional and developer, I find this extremely frustrating and unprofessional. To the point where I am not going to renew my subscription with Invoice2go.

For anyone that has a similar issue or is looking to move to a more open and transparent cloud service such as Freshbooks, ZOHO invoice, Xero or the many others that offer a few more features and peace of mind, then this may help you:

Note if you find a better way of exporting your data from Invoice2go, let me know.

Export Invoice2go Data:
This is what I used to export all of my customer and inventory data:

Basic Infrastructure required:
Windows PC loaded with Windows 8.1 with update
You will need the STARTER version or above of Invoice2go
Windows version of Invoice2go v 5.0 Build 8.7.6 – download from here :

Once you have installed the Windows version of Invoice2go
Click on the option to <Try>
Once the program is open, Click on <File> <Sync>
Select when asked to set up syncing
Click on <Login> – Enter your user name (email address) and password of your version of Cloud2go (Invoice2go) and then click <Login> again
Click <Ok>
The system may crash however when it returns the screen to Try, Buy or Register click on <Try>
Your data should start to sync and you will then be able to export your customer data to a csv file.
Click on <My Reports>
<Customer List> Once the report is generated, right click on on the <Customer List> Label and select <Export data to file…>
Name and save the file “customersinvoice2go.txt” where you want to: (NB Do not save it with the default extension .url or .csv)


Your data is now ready to import into Excel (or your preferred spreadsheet)

Open Excel and search for the file you have created.
NB make sure that you have “all Files” selected not just “All Excel Files”
The Text import Wizard will open:
Select radio button “Delimited” and check box next to “My data has headers”
Click “Finish” — Do not click Next

Data is ready for you to use and manipulate or import into a new accounting package, if you so desire…

Update 29/10/2015 – I received an email from the Invoice2go Engineering Team noting that they now have a web based export facility. I have not had time to try this but you can find it at – Good luck

This information is provided on the basis of no warranty express or implied.
If you need help I can provide data extraction for a fee of $110-00 per data file. Good luck!

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