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WordPress frustration – Portfolio not working:
One of the most frustrating things about WordPress is the lack of good support on the web. If you search “portfolio not working” or “grid image” not appearing in my posts or portfolios, you will see what I mean. The sad part is that there are no answers or they are all based on people trying to be good Samaritans and  offer help. It takes so much time to sift through these forums to find out how to do things. Users offering hacks to to code to get it to work. Short term this may work but the net upgrade you are back to a broken website.

Today I recently contacted WordPress support out of shear desperation as my portfolio grids were not displaying images that I had added from my gallery. They told me that I had to load them again from my PC and that would work. Sure it was a solution and this worked but this is just a waste of time. So I investigated further. Looking at other WordPress developers, they are as frustrated. Hopefully this find can help you and restore some confidence in this wonderful product.

This is the correct way of getting media to integrate into your posts without having to reload images from your PC or hack code to get it to work. This works for all child themes and types of Posts, Portfolios etc.

Method to delete image:
Select “Media” from your menu on the left under your dashboard:
Find the image that you want to delete, you will notice that in this instance it is attached to “Sanctuary Cover Harbour Villa.” Simply click on “detach” (follow red arrow)


Method to add image from your gallery:
Select “Media” from your menu on the left under your dashboard:
Find the image that you need in your grid or post and simply click on “attach” (follow blue arrow)

The following screen will be presented to you. Select the post or portfolio you want the image to be placed. Remember to hit “select” after making your choice on the radio button next to the post.


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