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When your hard drive fails it is very stressful and inconvenient.
Our experienced Technicians can help by temporarily repairing your damaged hard disk in order to transfer the files to a new hard disk, returning it to you as quickly as possible at an affordable price.

What steps should I take if I suspects my drive is failing?

It’s important to stop using a faulty or damaged hard disk immediately to prevent further damage. Too many IT experts, computer shops & inexperienced data recovery companies attempt to recover data from damaged hard disks without understanding how hard drives work and why they fail, making the problem even worse and more expensive for you to eventually recover the data.

Be smart! Turn your hard drive off and call us ASAP.

We use latest technology to recover your data.
Our success rates are better than any other data recovery company in Australia. Your files will remain 100% private & confidential at all times, we are here to help you and always respect your privacy.

It is important not to tamper with the drive or try an fix it yourself as this reduces the chance of getting the data back or may take additional time to recover the data. If there are signs of Soldering, Firmware changes, evidence of trying to open the hard drive cover, an additional $200-$1000 attempt fee may be quoted in additional to the standard prices for data recovery.

What can I expect to pay to have my data recovered?

Price indication for data recovery from a single hard drive:
$300 – Basic data recovery
$500 – File system integrity problems
$600 – Damaged main disc PCB
$660 – Firmware corruption
$770 – Bad Sectors on drive
$250 + $600 – Deleted Files or Reformatted HDD
$1500 – Damaged Heads or Spindle Motor (Internal damage). Economy Service. 6-8 weeks.
$2500 – Damaged Heads or Spindle Motor (Internal damage). Standard Service. 2-4 weeks.
$4000 – Damaged Heads or Spindle Motor (Internal damage). Priority Service.

Once our technicians assess that your drive needs to be sent to our data recovery centre, your disc will then be assessed thoroughly and you will be provided with a quote to recover the data.
If you approve our quote, over 90% of the time, all data can be recovered! If you decide not to approve the quote, we will send the drive back you you at a cost of just $20-00 to cover the cost of postage.

How do I tell what damage I may have on my disc?
Damaged Heads (Clicking/Knocking sound).
Seized Spindle Motor (Buzzing sound).
Damaged Printed Circuit Board (No power).
Bad Sectors (Read Errors)

Other disc errors that we can help you recover your data from:
Firmware Corruption (e.g common with Seagate 7200.11 drives).
File System Corruption.
Unable to access any data.
Hard disk not detected.
Deleted files/Reformatted hard disk.

We would love to help you! Call us today if you have any questions.

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